In a world of animals, we help corral and feed them.

Stegall Fabrication & Engineering

Goat corral system extends to 24’ long.  The alley progressively narrows to funnel animals forward.

Product Summary

Perfect for corralling goats and sheep!  Multiple gates close to progressively move animals forward into the chute.  Back gate latches in place after closing.  Outside gates on each side extend to pen. 

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· Can attach sort gate or headgate on front.

· Step-through gate on left side.

· Slide gates at front & back of tilt table adjust from 19” to practically nothing.

· Features toggle safety switch.

· Hinges on bottom of tilt table can lay over to work on animal’s feet.

· Features self-cleaning mesh floor. 

Looking down the alley

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Goat Corral Systems

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Overall dimensions:  24’ not including hitch.

5’ alley adjusts from 7½” to 19” wide.

Throat tapers from 19” to 56” wide.

Made from 1” 14 gauge square and round structural steel tubing.

12 v. electric pump hydraulically powers the wheels up and down, and tilts the table approximately 115o

Designed for goats and sheep, this tilt table is blue and is in the tilted position.

Side view of tilt table.

Tilt table tilted