In a world of animals, we help corral and feed them.

Stegall Fabrication & Engineering

Wire mesh panel designed for goats.

Product Summary

Gates and panels are made using wire mesh or horizontal tubes closely spaced to contain animals. Works for goats and other small animals (e.g., sheep, small swine, dogs, etc.). Works great for kidding pens.

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Makes it easy to get into pens. Swing gates can be built as a single gate (above) or with a panel on the end (below).

Panels and gates attach easily to corral systems.

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Goat Gates & Panels

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Standard is 46 high.

Standard lengths begin at 3 and increase by 1 increments up to 10 per panel.

Can be built to any length.

Wire mesh is rods on 4 centers.

Panels have 1 or 1 14 gauge structural tubing welded to the mesh.