In a world of animals, we help corral and feed them.

Stegall Fabrication & Engineering

Square by design, this sheep hay feeder enables sheep to move the sides in as they eat from the edges.

Product Summary

Designed to save hay, this feeder allows sheep to eat without trampling the hay. Sides move in as the sheep eat. Angled bars permit sheep to access hay without damaging head and neck wool.

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 Round vertical bars help maintain wool in neck and head areas.

 Low rail clearance bar prohibits sheep from moving sides forward before eating hay in lower portion.

 Pins at all corners are removable, enabling easy storage.

 Slanted bars keep hay out of head and neck wool.

 Elevated hay feeder is available for sheep.

 Elevated feeder can have 7 or 5 spaces available.

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Sheep Feeders

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1 x 1 14 gauge square structural steel tubing.


16 gauge round structural steel tubing.

Elevated feeder is available for sheep and goats. Can get roof attachment to cover hay.