In a world of animals, we help corral and feed them.

Stegall Fabrication & Engineering

This alley was designed for camels and zebras. 

The red alley shown was developed for camels and zebras and shows the left side with the gate in the upright position.

About Our Products

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Our products are organized by animal species, and it is important to note that, although we do have “stock” products, we provide custom solutions for many situations.  In some cases, we have provided gates and panels for county and state fairs. 

The paint we use is an industrial enamel.  We selected it because it dries fast and is durable.  Our current color selections are:

· Dark red (the standard),

· Hunter green,

· Lighter green (similar to the “John Deere Green”),

· Dark blue, and

· Black. 


We use structural tubing, which allows us to notch (cope) the ends of the tubes for a better and stronger fit.  This gives our products rounded edges that will not harm animals.

To contact us:

Black and white picture with the company name:  Stegall Fabrication & Engineering, LLC.

Note how horizontal tubing fits into the vertical, notched tubes.