In a world of animals, we help corral and feed them.

Stegall Fabrication & Engineering

Our stock items for cattle are chutes, corral systems, feeders, and panels.  We are able to custom build corrals, special link gates, trailers for hauling panels, bale unrollers, cow-calf facilities, and other equipment as requested. 

Cattle Equipment

Chute holds animal in perfect position for pregnancy testing, A.I., castrating, vaccinating, banding, tagging or other work. Functions as sorting device.  Alley adjusts.  Clean design protects you and your animals.

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Corral allows for 1-person operation! Features “escape” for operator to exit. Hinged gates in back enable tight connection with barn or other corral. Folds for transportation. Veterinarian approved system. 

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Corral Systems

Get the most from your bales of hay, whether round or square, big or small.  Joints are notched and welded for durability.  Designs keep animals out of and hay in the feeder.  Rounded surfaces protect your livestock.

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Text Box: Heavy, durable panels keep your cattle contained.  Notched tubing provides strong joints.  Gates made to size.  Panel legs keep them off ground and are designed for uneven surfaces.

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Gates & Panels

The cattle chute is durable red steel.  A door on the side opens to allow sorting animals to the right and the sides drop to allow access to the animal in the chute. Painted green, this stationary corral system adjusts for different size animals and to facilitate working animals in different situations.Large bale hay feeder is round and painted orange.  Vertical bars are slanted to keep calves out of the feeder, and there are horizontal bars running parallel around the bottom.  Rounded feet elevate the feeder and make it freeze-resistant.Orange cattle gate is built for durability.Black and white picture with the company name:  Stegall Fabrication & Engineering, LLC.