In a world of animals, we help corral and feed them.

Stegall Fabrication & Engineering

Left side of portable corral ready for transport.

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Deer and elk chute is portable and equipped with hydraulics for easy transportation.  Stationary version is available also. 

Designed for animals that cannot be confined in traditional methods (i.e., by their heads) and for animals that have horns. 

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· One side squeezes with a scissors action to hold your animal.

· Both sides raise to contain the animal.

· Doors on both sides of chute open for easy access to the animal.

· Curtain above chute keeps animal from seeing operator.

· Swing doors are hydraulic.

· Portable corral has 2 holding pens, each with hydraulic swing door and  2 slide gates (one in front, other in back of pen).

· Design facilitates moving animals forward to the chute.

Left side of squeeze chute features access doors.

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Deer & Elk Chutes

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First swing gate on right side of corral.


Runs off a 2 hp motor from 110 v. power source.

Wheels move up and down for easy transportation.

Sides are 7’6” tall (minimum).

Corral made with sheet metal, wire mesh, and structural tubing welded securely together.


Top view of pens.