In a world of animals, we help corral and feed them.

Stegall Fabrication & Engineering

Design allows horses to access hay  and keeps them from walking on it!

Product Summary

Elevated and saw tooth feeders (also known as “tombstone” and “long-horn” feeders) are available. 

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· Notched, welded joints enable strongest possible construction.

· Leg design is freeze-resistant and allows for easy maneuverability.

· Rounded surfaces prevent horses from rubbing off hair.

· Built in 3 sections for transporting.

· An elevated feeder is another option

Close up of leg.  Sheet metal covers legs, which keeps feeder off-ground.

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Horse Feeders

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51½” high x 8’8” wide.

Made from 1¾” and 2” 14 gauge structural steel tubing.

10” high legs, covered with sheet metal.

A brace tube from the top to the bottom ring is welded to the outside of the feeder to keep horses from bending in the tombstone.

Off-ground hay feeder features detachable end.  Load a bale, replace the end and let your horses do the rest.