In a world of animals, we help corral and feed them.

Stegall Fabrication & Engineering

Sheep corral —ready for transport—can be used for goat as well

Green sheep corral picture taken from the left side is ready for transport; corral works well with goats, too.

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When some people think of April 1, they think of practical jokes and pranks, but for Lowell Stegall, founder of A-1 Agri Sales & Services, April 1, 1983, was a serious day.  That’s when the company began operations, with one goal in mind:  to help farmers solve problems managing and raising their livestock. 

As a farmer, Lowell had first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing people raising livestock—wasted hay from animals walking on it or from the effects of inclement weather, for example.  Coupled with his extensive experience fabricating and welding steel, he developed a line of hay feeders that solved those problems. 

However, he was not satisfied to save hay only; his vision was broader.  Lowell set forth on a mission to assist farmers with stretching their resources and enabling them to do more with less as well as working with their animals safely.  This focus has remained as the company transitioned from father to daughter, Marla, and became Stegall Fabrication & Engineering, LLC in 2005.

When Marla Stegall joined the business, she gained experience manufacturing products. She saw an opportunity to learn more about structural strengthening; therefore, she went back to school and attained a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Along with experience, she leverages textbook knowledge to help the company continue to provide innovative solutions. 

Although many customers find stock hay feeders and corral systems more than adequate for their situation, Stegall Fabrication & Engineering offers an advantage for those needing systems a little bigger, longer, or just different.  The company has the ability to design custom solutions for unique situations.  Consulting with farmers to develop solutions for their problems is a part of the value Stegall Fabrication & Engineering delivers to its customers.

Thus, farmers with traditional livestock (e.g., cattle, sheep, goats, horses, etc.) have benefited from the feeders and corrals.  In addition, farmers with non-traditional—and even exotic—animals have looked to Stegall Fabrication & Engineering to provide solutions.  Several custom applications have been developed for elk, deer, and buffalo. 

At Stegall Fabrication & Engineering, we take pride in helping you with your livestock handling needs for any animal species.

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Black and white picture with the company name:  Stegall Fabrication & Engineering, LLC.
Orange, circular feeder sits on rounded feet to keep animals from wasting hay from large round bales.

Cattle hay feeder prevents excess waste from large round bales. 

Designed for goats and sheep, this tilt table is blue and is in the tilted position.

Designed for goats and sheep—Tilt table tilts to allow operator access to hooves for easy trimming