In a world of animals, we help corral and feed them.

Stegall Fabrication & Engineering

This cattle chute allows two-way sorting:  right or straight ahead. 

Red cattle chute with gate open sits on ground, ready for use.

Product Summary

Work with your animals safely and easily!  In the squeeze chute with palpation cage, animals are in position for pregnancy testing, A.I., vaccinating, castrating, banding, tagging, or other work.  Holds animals from 300 pounds to the largest bulls. 

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75” height x 8’10” length; 11’ overall with palpation cage (28” x 28” inside dimensions).

Made from 2” 14 gauge structural steel tubing.

Top adjusts from 32” to 20”, and bottom adjusts from 12” to 28”.

Floor made from Ό” x 2” x 3” rectangular tubing, with Ό” x 2” x 2” angle for reinforcement and 3# grating. 

Wishbone trailer makes chute portable. 

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Cattle Chutes

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· Clean design—no handles, protruding pipes, or sharp edges to injure you or your animals.

· Right side (door) swings for complete access to the animal.  Left side adjusts to squeeze animal. 

· Palpation cage is part of the chute.

· Floor panels lower or can be removed completely, and they are self-cleaning, non-slip grid.

· Squeeze easily lowers and latches securely into place.

· Rump bar keeps animal in forward position.

· Tailgate locks down and cannot be raised by animals in alley.

· Has an automatic or manual head gate. 

· Options:

                 - Tailgate

                 - Slide gate