In a world of animals, we help corral and feed them.

Stegall Fabrication & Engineering

Although many feeders, chutes, corrals, gates, panels, and other livestock handling equipment come with standard features, some farmers find their working facilities, their livestock, or their situation requires something special.  Often we can help.  We have the ability to engineer and manufacture systems that address many livestock handling needs.

Text Box: This is the left side of a corral system designed for a veterinarian whose practice has many large animal patients.  The corral is stationary and was custom built to fit into the clinic (barn).

Custom Stationary Solutions

Text Box: All began as custom designs.  See additional pictures of these systems.

Camel/Zebra/Deer/Elk/Buffalo Systems

The bale unroller was developed for use with cattle, and as named, the buffalo creep feeder was designed for buffalo.  To see larger pictures, click on the “more” link.

Bale Unroller and Buffalo Creep Feeder

Text Box: The cow/calf facility was designed to secure a cow that will not allow her calf to nurse without intervention.  Additionally, it can be used to assist with complicated calf births.

Cow/calf Facility

Trailers are designed to facilitate transporting chutes, panels, gates, and other equipment. 

Transportation Trailers

Custom Solutions

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Black and white picture with the company name:  Stegall Fabrication & Engineering, LLC.
Text Box: A state university needed a crimper for its organic farming operation.  They provided specifications; Stegall Fabrication & Engineering designed and delivered this crimper.

Roller Crimper